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Fitness and cardio fitness

Fitness is the collective name for cardio and fitness. Cardio is aiming at improving your stamina. Fitness is focusing on muscle strengthening.



ground floor

Fitness rooms

In our fitness rooms, you will find 'Technogym' equipment necessary to train either large or small muscles and muscle groups. 

We also have 'free weights', such as barbells and dumbbells (1 to 42 kg). And of course kettlebells (4 to 20 kg).


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there are no less than 5 fitness rooms



ground floor

Cardio equipment

Our cardio devices are from world leading companies including ‘Technogym’, ‘Schwinn’ and ‘Nautilus’. 

You can find a vast selection of treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical cross trainers and indoor rowers.



1st floor

Maintenance and repair

Our appliances are all cleaned and maintained on a daily basis by our special maintenance staff.  

However, in the case of some faults, we depend on outside service technicians and the availability of any new parts. 

A repair can then take a little longer. That is why we have multiple copies of all appliances in the fitness rooms.


no waiting

there are multiple copies of each device