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  • For hygiene reasons a towel on a fitness device or mat is required.

  • Wear sportswear and sneakers with a clean outsole and for the exclusive use of the fitness spaces.

  • All the gym’s equipment must be put back on its designated racks or spaces after use.

  • You must store your personal belongings in the locker room cabinets while exercising.

  • Respect your fellow athletes as you want to be respected.

  • In case of misconduct you are no longer welcome at the Fitness Factory.

  • The Fitness Factory reserves the right to change opening hours, closing times, class schedules and rates.

  • The Fitness Factory is closed during official national holidays.

  • The Fitness Factory will not be responsible for injuries, accidents or loss, damage and theft to any personal property of the gym members.

  • The membership card is personal and may not be used by others.

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