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If you choose an annual subscription you will receive an extra discount. If you want to be a member for less than a year, choose the monthly subscription.

Yearly membership (price per month)

·      €12.95 unlimited fitness off-peak 

·      €17.95 unlimited fitness 

·      €22.95 unlimited fitness and group classes

Monthly membership

·      €27.95 unlimited group fitness and group classes

After the minimum subscription period, your subscription will be renewed indefinitely.


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and register at this counter.


Register at the counter and pay your training costs until the 1st of the following month. The subscription fee is then automatically debited at the beginning of each new month.  

We ask € 15,- registration fee and a one-off € 10, - for the membership card.

No Dutch bank account? 

You can still become a member with your European bank card with Maestro or V Pay and your IBAN code.